Friday, April 25, 2014

Standing on a knoll and looking back over the trod path

So the Lord was with Joshua, and his fame was in all the land. Joshua 6:27

Alan and I had a lot of fun last night at the Intervarsity Big Meeting. And we did pretty good telling stories. Lots of practice around that old picnic table in the backyard. And we had a few pictures. I was a little worried about cramming it all into one hour, so sometimes I didn’t finish my sentences. And then I would apologize, which took up more time in the long run, so I really tried to finish all of my sentences. And I left out some telling details, because really, how do you wrap up our friends like Ramoncita or Ali or my new friend Mary in just a few sentences? And it was pretty clear that we have had one heck of an amazing life full of wonder and good cheer. And long hard days. And long hard nights. It is telling that my heart verse for my grown-up life is Psalm 84:5-7, How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, in whose heart is the pilgrimage to Zion, passing through the valley of bitterness, it is made a spring; the early rains also cover it with blessing. They go from strength to strength, until every one appears before God in Zion, which I told one young thing who begged to talk to me after the meeting about the lying in bed after Angel’s death and thinking that we were the most miserable excuses of servants of God ever.

Actually, we were introduced by some sort of ridiculous title, like “heroes of the faith” or something like that, which I tried to clarify right off the bat that we just stumbled through life, trying to hear His voice and then ducking out of His way as He did His thing. And a guy shouted out from the audience, “Do you have friends and family that think you are just flat out crazy?” Uh huh.  

And Joshua is not at all about Joshua. Really the title of this book should be God Almighty. Joshua just did a really good job of looking up and going forward, marching. So he got some glory, but it was really about the LORD God going before him.

And I am pretty sure that I have never had a crowd rush the stage on me before. And I hardly knew what to say to all of those intent faces.

Except Trust and Obey. And look at the life of Joshua. It wasn’t about him, but through him, God fulfilled His promises. Up to a thousand generations.