Thursday, May 28, 2015

A cut and paste prayer...

I love fixed prayers. The big picture. Without all of the swirling gnats of fret and worry. And here is a cut and pasted prayer for the Camino as I step into the last week of preparation. Brandon has had his countdown of hours, minutes and seconds until we board that plane going for over a month.

Oh Lord, my God of grace and truth, I'm here to meet with You! To know and deeply sense your nearness in such a real, sweet, and tender way. To be overjoyed and full of peace in Your Presence on this trail. To see You more fully in the lovely people I meet, and in the beauty of Your Creation. To be challenged and transformed more noticeably into the image of Christ. To be a fragrance of your Spirit to all I meet. To serve and be served, to love and be loved. And to profoundly know Your glorious strength and unfathomable grace in the areas of my pain and weakness on the trail. I'm here Lord to respond and submit to the life and love you're calling me to on this trail and in all the days that follow! Amen.

So be it.