Tuesday, November 26, 2013

His eye is on the sparrow

And God said, “Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures." Genesis 1:20

I am struck by the swarm with swarms line, because indeed the world does swarm. And I who am not God, cannot even begin to wrap my so very finite brain around it all. 

And last night we did another movie-on-the-wall and popcorn by the fireplace and lots of blankets with John and Alyson and Nicole and I imagine we will do it again, because Alan would love it in the full bore poignancy sense of Cinema Paradiso, his all-time favorite movie. And The Fall traversed far and wide: Tupiza, Bolivia; Guangxi Province, China; Stakna Gompa, India; La Mancha, Spain; Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Indonesia; Hagia Sophia, Turkey; Sossusvlei, Namibia; Villa Adriana, Italy and Valkenberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. And He is there amid the story of brokenness and restoration told to a wide-eyed and weeping French child, in the midst of the swarming swarms. And I read this morning an article by Mark Knoll about the decidedly non-parochial Church and far and wide He has been there through the hands and feet of Baltasar Jaime Martinez Compa who in Peru founded six seminaries and organized more than 35 towns to protect the indigenous people and Kimpa Vita whose call for a unified African spiritual community led to her being burned at the stake and Vasyl Hryhorovyc-Bars'kyj, a Ukrainian who in the early 18th century undertook a 24-year journey through Eastern Europe, the Holy Land, Asia Minor, and finally Western Europe, amid the brokenness and restoration of the swarming swarms. And I read another book yesterday (yes, I am on fall break) Emmanuel, God with us, and He is there in each and every broken painful moment present and alive and at work and He is here now, in this dark and quiet solitude with even me. Amid the daily rhythm of brokenness and restoration.

And each of the swarming swarms is His. And known. From the beginning of time stretched out in eternity.

And it was good.