Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Forgive us our debts

¡Amen al Señor todos los justos!
    Pues el Señor protege a los que le son leales,
    pero castiga severamente a los arrogantes. Salmo 31:23

Love the LORD, all you who worship him; the LORD protects the faithful, but repays to the full those who act haughtily. Psalm 31:23

So a book on Encouragement is sitting on the dining room table, for me to read today. Which is a good thing, because if there in anything that I have learned about impacting lives over these years, encouragement is a much more effective tool than, well, tossing stony suggestions into the pond of discourse. And maybe a good friend is thinking that this is something I might want to revisit in my approach to life and its people.

And I am having a pretty rough time of it in my writing class, because I can think of a jillion ways to run a better class, seven hours a day, five days a week, for three weeks. But no matter how I frame my questions or reflections, I do not feel heard. I have been locked into a small tiny box that I don’t think fits at all. And the prof has tried to straighten me out. Several times. And there is another meeting today to address my concerns. Sort of. Well, really. Not at all. Man.

But maybe my arrogance was shouting over than my words.

Pause and think calmly about that. 

Maybe that is all they can hear. And the Psalmist asks the LORD God to punish the arrogant, those who act haughtily. Perhaps we are told to humble oneself in the sight of the LORD out of kindness. Not quite so uncomfortable as being humbled. The choice is mine. One way or the other, this is the place where God wants me, His child.

Pause and think calmly about that. 

And maybe I should look over that book before I hop onto my bicycle.

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.