Tuesday, June 16, 2015

God is faithful, 100%.

“I will appoint a time,” says God; “I will judge with equity . . .” Psalm 75:2

"Not I live, but He lives in me."

Silence means rest, rest of body and mind, in which we become available for God. This is very threatening. It is like giving up control over our actions and thoughts, allowing something creative to happen not by us but to us. Silence is that moment in which we not only stop the discussion with others but also the inner discussions with ourselves, in which we can breathe freely and accept our identity as a gift. "Not I live, but He lives in me." It is in this silence that the Spirit of God can pray in us and continue its creative work within us. Henri Nouwen, "Training for Campus Ministry"

So today was a restful day. A late start. A pause to mail off unnecessaries to Lisbon.   And up over thick pastures, under partly cloudy but hopeful skies full of seagulls, and above gentle surf burbling through black rocks.  We didn't stray from the two-lane roadway, not dogging off to brightly arrowed goat paths or cobbled side lanes, no matter how picturesque. Just a restful day ending in an ancient convent of sweet nuns, Some of my clothes are scrubbed out and hanging from a line strung from the bathroom window and we are all bathed and ready to wander Loredo.

And silence.

I did pull off some centered silence on the long downhills, but going up those ten degree grade hills it helped to sing choruses. Like "Create in me a Clean Heart," for instance, over and over.

And renew a right spirit within me.