Friday, June 12, 2015

Trying to write it all down before it turns into one big smear.

So really this Camino thing is about releasing control, a chance to relearn the Garden of Eden thing, to revisit the temptation to be gods in control of our destiny.

And we really meant to get an early start and haul off to Spain to start our Camino, but really it has started right here by the side of a roundabout, watching Brandon and RJ fix his gear changer. 

And really as we do a few stretchies here by a wall of flowers, the exhaust-filled roar of motorcycles and cars and monster trucks going around and around. I know where I wanna be, resting in the flowers.

And things got even a little crazier. We stopped along the sweeping beach, filled with elegant Spaniards strolling the promenade, and had a few tapas and watched a thick fog roll in across the bay.

 Particularly tender was watching the great grace with which the very elderly grandmamas and grandpapas were treated. And I kept pointing up to this castle tower overlooking the glowing city, saying we had to ride up that thing, and it practically destroyed me last year. And everyone just stared with solemn terror. Anyways we headed out just as it began sprinkling, but we have done sprinkles before.

But that ol' GPS thing of Brandon's led us straight up that hill. Now. When all of us were only thinking bed thoughts. Straight up. And then it started dumping. A veritable deluge. And after we headed up to where last year Nicole and I had this bright sunshiny glamour shot of overlooking a gleaming turquoise shell of sea, the GPS light kept blinking further and further. Up and up. And the Great Dane's gears simply would not drop any lower, no matter how much I wiggled them. They just rattled and clunked a little more. 

Suddenly we were there. The next turn left. And a smiling lady who knew my name was dangling a bronze key in my face. And the bungalow is cute in a airstream trailer sort of way. And really, the way the mist is settling down around all this green, it sort of reminds me of Costa Rica.

The Garden of Eden. Choosing to trust.