Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And yesterday afternoon there was a brief rainstorm, whipped up winds quenched by spattering drops.

Happy are the people whose strength is in You! whose hearts are set on the pilgrims’ way. Psalm 84:4

For my part, I will sing of your strength; I will celebrate your love in the morning; For you have become my stronghold, a refuge in the day of my trouble. To you, O my Strength, will I sing; for you, O God, are my stronghold and my merciful God. Psalm 59:18-20

I woke up as usual this morning, without the alarm. Four o’clock it is. I lay there is the dark stillness spinning gently around my head. And in the distance, deep within my heart, I heard a song, a chorus over and over: torre fuerte es el nombre del Señor. Torre fuerte es el nombre del Señor.

A song that I haven’t really thought about for ever so long. That little chorus was the background track of my over-the-top crazy Rancho La Argentina world… the volunteers, the villages, the broken well pumps and rattlesnakes in every corner… and three beloved tousled-headed daughters, one of whom, Bam Bam Dre determined to save the cattle by stomping on all of the locusts with her pointy-toed cowboy boots.

A strong tower is His name. To Him, and to Him alone will I run.