Monday, January 2, 2017

Just call to Me, and I will answer.

I purpose to embrace courage.

With this in mind, then, I kneel in prayer to the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth takes its name, that out of the treasures of His glory He may grant me strength and power through His Spirit in my inner being, that through faith Christ may dwell in my heart in love. Ephesians 3:14–17

Lord our God, we have gathered in your sight. We thank you that through your words you have given something of your very self to help us be your disciples, your children, who stand firm in faith and trust throughout our lives, whatever our lot may be. Help us in these times, and when days grow difficult and full of grief, hold your people securely in your hand. Help us to be firmly rooted in faith, however dark it is on earth. You can give us strength and courage; we can do nothing in our human strength. But the power of your Spirit can renew us, make us alert, and fill us with lasting joy. For we are your people, your children, and when held in your hand, we can rejoice in spite of all grief. Amen.

Once again, I seek His face, His Spirit’s renewal, as I watch the light begin to streak the morning sky. And this morning, the sky is framed by crazy colored blinking solar=powered Christmas lights . A steady clock firmly beats out the seconds of the new year, one by one, again and again. The elderly host couple is making breakfast sounds in the kitchen off to the left… the microwave beeps, sugar is stirred into thick coffee, and silverware is returned to its drawer.

There is 60% chance of rain today at Zion National Park, Utah.

I have no idea of what lies ahead today, and although the last bit of sunlit horizons last night were full of promise, I imagine that there will be lots of slippery ice paths as well, with frozen toes wrapped in wet wool socks.

Jack lovingly called me on saying, “That’s okay” way too often. But perhaps it is my very unpoetic way of articulating, “Release.” I release it into Your hands. I don’t want it to be a frightened whisper of compromise, but rather a strong confirmation that He is ready, willing and able.

I reread the courage prayer that carried me through last spring, and once again I embrace that call to courage, not fretting and worrying, but trusting God for His answers, because if you do this you will experience God’s peace which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand.

Make us strong and courageous to do the new thing, because You are not the God of I was, but You are the God of I AM, and You are doing a new thing and that thing is unfolding right now in us will unfold in thousands of places as we walk out our doors and into dangerous lives. –Ann Voskamp

I am sitting down to a warm and nourishing breakfast and then heading out into the wild beauty of His creation and power and glory.

So be it.