Friday, February 3, 2017

Last night Everette and I sewed together a purple lace dress for Berry, her little teddy.

But I still my soul and make it quiet, like a child upon its mother’s breast; my soul is quieted within me. Psalm 131:3

Stillness is a choice, again and again.

Be still,

And the word for February is I purpose to engage… And being still doesn’t necessarily mean kneeling on my floor, waiting.

There can be a centered stillness as I step out each day and engage. And while I don’t think it’s quite time to engage with the clashing outside world, I can purpose to really engage with the eyes and heart of each of my kiddos.

Man, it is so easy to get caught up in the daily broken computer keys and coming up with a new seating chart and discussing schedule changes and should we have three periods of study hall a week for seventh and eighth graders and there went another planning period and calling or emailing parents not often enough and Saturday school lists of missing assignments because the end of the quarter is almost here and oh, yes, she has been out all week with strep throat and I have to get her homework out to the front desk by lunchtime and all of those stacks and stacks of Vietnam Era tests and kiddos researched The Presidents powerpoint presentations while I worked on my own The Middle East Conflict in 18 easy slides or less and works cited still like they have never seen it before and Acceleration lab journals and To Kill a Mockingbird essays and what is an allusion and Journey poems peer revision sheets and all of my grades were supposed to be loaded up onto the buggy website two days ago but I was busy judging the spelling bee yesterday during my first planning period and cutting out little squares of construction paper for very stressed out students to gluestick onto their boards during lunch and today is the science fair and the other middle school science teacher is amazing and she organized TEP and U of A and Raytheon and Arizona Desert Museum and Reid Park Zoo where she used to work to set up exhibition tables but it’s going to be a crazy late night and don’t even getting me started on how Arizona is changing its teacher certification policy so I have to wade into producing original sealed transcripts once again and forms and long lines and more checks made out to AZ Dept of Ed and I still have to figure out how from Tuesday’s professional development meeting how to hook up my iPad to my promethean board that never quite works right and utilize it every day in class for instructional purposes.

Be still.

And purpose to engage with the eyes and hearts of each one of my kiddos.