Friday, December 20, 2013

Somewhere beyond the blue

Then Abraham bowed down before the Hittites.  He said to Ephron before all the people, “Please let me pay you the full price for the field. Accept my money, and I will bury my dead there.” Genesis 23:12-13

A striking characteristic of Abraham is his gentle humility and generosity, which is quite remarkable amidst the wild barbarians who populate the Old Testament.  Whether it is dealing stolen wells, choosing where to set up tents, offering up gifts to the Prophet of the Most High, and dividing plunder after rescuing his nephew, (Um, I guess even in seeking peace, he even shares his wife) Abraham never seems to grasp his position of power and wealth.  Rather he recognizes all that he has as from the LORD Who Provides and Who Will Continue to Provide. He lives out the understanding that we are but sojourners in this earth living under an overarching promise.

Release. Release. This is not my home.