Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Do not cage the Holy Spirit

Soy yo Dios de cerca solamente, dice Jehovah, y no Dios desde muy lejos? Jeremias 23, 23

Oh profundidad de las riquezas de la sabiduria y de la ciencia de Dios! Cuan insondables son sus juicios, e inscrutables sus caminos! Romans 11, 33

Hacia Ti deseo dirigir mis pasos, mi camino y mi paz, justicia y gracia, ambos eres Tu y eternamente Tu.

Indeed God is deeper and wider and beyond imagination.


Yesterday found me wandering the streets of Assisi. And the big story of Francis is that he reminded the people that Jehovah God is now at work, and not simply a theoretical concept of the distant and dusty past or reserved for the equally distant streets of gold. Even now we can know Him and experience His power and grace and love. The joy and unity is for now, and this truth was cold refreshing water to thirsty souls.

And this truth is for now as well. Just yesterday, Francis the Pope spoke to 50,000 in Rome , and reminded thirsty souls of the need for “conversion to the love of Jesus” that is life-changing and turns a Christian into “a witness to God’s love.”

“I hope that you will share with all in the Church the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit,” Pope Francis said. “I expect from you an evangelization with the Word of God that proclaims that Jesus lives and loves all humankind.” He said he hopes that they will witness to “spiritual ecumenism” with all Christians of other Churches and communities.

He is alive. We serve a living Lord.

At work to will and to work His good purpose.

And yesterday, Nicole gave a little back rub and blessing to a friend of Marcos, as we sat under the trees and watched the children and parents cavort across the park next to the Basilica of Saint Clair with their strips of red and yellow fabrics and the building boxes painted with pictures of Assisi and the world. And she wept tears of joy.

And somehow we ended up as her guest at, how shall I describe it, a political party potluck in which all the important doctors and lawyers and socialites of Lugo served served pasta and shrimp and steak and gelato while a politician proclaimed that if we voted for him, he would bring us twenty years into the future, but if we voted for the other guy, we would go thirty years into the past, all with a very loud rock and roll band cranking out American tunes of the seventies?

And afterwards we climbed up to the garden restaurant on top of the 14th century castle in the central plaza of town, and she served us a platter of the ten most, well, the adjective they used was "precious," cheeses imaginable and breads and yet one last bottle of wine. And we spoke of many things, but ended up once again sharing the surprising interventions of God into the lives of man, inexplicable and beyond tracing out.

But these are only interventions from my perspective. In His view, He holds this all in the palm of His hand, from beginning unto everlasting.

For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be the glory and honor forever. Amen.