Monday, June 16, 2014

Holy holy

Holy, Holy, Holy. Lord God Almighty; all of the earth is filled with Your Glory. Isaiah 6,3

Y metere en el fuego a la tercera parte, y los fundire como se funde la plata, y los probare come se prueba el oro. El invocara mi nombre, y yo lo oire. Zacarias 13,9

Pablo escribe: nuestra esperanza respecto de vosostros es firmer pues sabemos que asi como sois companeros en las afflicciones, tambien lo sois en la consolacion. 2 Corintios 1,7

SeƱor,Te doy gracias porque a traves de las pruebas, Tu me perfeccionas. Soy como el oro que se refina en el ardor de Tu amor, porque solo Tu amor puede buscar perfeccionarme. Solo Te pido, Dios de misericordia, que me des entendimiento para que cuando llluegan las afflicciones, yo sea consolado y al mismo tiempo preprarado a consolar. Marisol Ale Diaz

Yesterday, friend Mary who just finished a week on El Camino marveled that I had any strength left to write. I don't. Mostly I am trying to make it up the next hill with just a trace of praise under my breath. I am grateful for a three-week graduate class in writing at the University of Arizona that starts the day I after I get back, which will give me bunches of time to sort through this experience so that my life may indeed be transformed; may He indeed give me understanding.

And I do know that for one thing, I will be packing away a great deal more compassion and consolation into my backpack home, along with all of my damp, smelly clothes and as yet, hundreds and hundreds of unviewed Go-pro photos and videos. I think I have a much bigger understanding of His beloved world, and the tenderness with which He holds each one of His children. We have received so much unmerited mercy.

And this is our last night on the coast. And the surf is surging outside our open window, which of course is such a timeless reminder of history, His story. Today, as we turn south into the plains, we have our last two biggest mountains to climb. But that last little lady who gave us directions told us over and over about Playa de Catedral, and how people really liked it, even on the internet, and it was only two kilometers off our path, about.

It is a good thing. The ocean always reminds me of His strong presence that surrounds me and holds me up. Yesterday, when Nicole was asking an Italian guy why he was doing the Camino, it said that it was freedom, freedom from everything that distracts me from His love.

Holy, Holy, Holy. Lord God Almighty; all of the earth is filled with Your Glory. Isaiah 6,3