Sunday, February 1, 2015

So it has been pouring rain in the dry desert of my soul, buckets.

Do not behave as those who have other gods. Deuteronomy12:31

Deep calls to deep. In the roar of the waterfall in a dry and thirsty land. Psalm 42:7 I in me and you in Me, ask.  Ask and it will be given to thee.

And it is raining down on Tucson. On a dry thirsty land. Like never before the drops are turning into puddles are turning into pools are turning into streams are turning into rivers. Rivers of living water. 

It has been a full week, and I am not quite sure the exact moment when God reached in and healed the hole in my heart, but He did. And now it is my job to walk it out. That the world will see His love in me.

And back and forth and back and forth in the pool. And my swimming friend asked about the Chinese guy while we were kicking. And I told how I wrapped my arms around him two days ago and prayed for hope and grace and wisdom and he wept and said thank you. And we talked about how cool Wali is and John is.

And when we were hanging out in the hot showers, she asked if I was with a church, is that why I had so many kids live with me. And I said, well no, I am just on the open door hit list. And she asked if I would go out for coffee with her. For the first time in seven eight nine years. It is a dry and thirsty land.

And I hugged another girl yesterday and reminded her that I prayed for her every Friday. And she she asked if I would share my little Scripture verse thingies with her again every day. It is a dry and thirsty land.

And story after story is walking across the stage about God’s power and love. Walked out. For He has not given us the Spirit of fear but of love.

And today's speaker, Bob Hazlett loves to read AW Tozer. As do I. I have tasted of your goodness. It has satisfied me and left me hungry for more. I long to be filled with more longing. Begin in mercy and begin a new love in me.

Jesus died to restore our souls, healed in every way. The soul becomes the bridge between the mind and heart. My soul thirsts for You in a dry and thirsty land.

What happens when our soul is redeemed? I am not just to be a hearer, but a doer. Faith activates what grace empowers. I am called to walk in constant awareness of Who God Is.

The wrong answer is from Satan, an offense to Me, for it is not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men. Get behind me thinking the way that seems right to a man that leads to death.

Jesus came to crush the lie. Satan tells us lies, and when we believe them they can take over. Your time is up. The lie must leave in Jesus’ name. Only do what the Father does. Say what the Father says. Think what the Father thinks. The Evil One steals, murders, seeking whom to destroy.

Active listening: talking to God, asking and listening, asking and listening. It’s a conversation, not just to you, but with you. Keep asking, keep knocking, keep seeking.

So we paired up. And I paired up with this Jewish guy with a blue scarf on his head. So Jonathan from Michigan, who is just randomly here all by himself because he really doesn’t like charismatics but then he prayed for a guy and saw the legs straighten out in his hands so he is going to find out more, just prophesied over me. And said I was a teacher. Duh. And that God would use me to bring people in a dry thirsty land to an oasis, a place of great refreshment. A great city.

God I thank you that perfect love casts out fear. Let me see with Your eyes. Thank you for Your grace and freedom. Every mountain low and valley high. Let me hear the Voice from above and walk in obedience and walk in love. 

Selah as last.