Thursday, June 5, 2014

May the circle be unbroken

A saber, que Dios estaba en Cristo reconciliando al mundo consigo mismo, no tomando en cuenta a los hombres sus transgresiones, y nos ha encomendado a nosotros la palabra de la reconciliación. 2 Corintios 5, 19

Cantad, cristinos por doquier, con dulce melodia: load al Dios de gran poder saltando de alegria; al don precioso que nos dio cuando a gran precio nos compro. A voces celebramos. Martin Lutero

Matteo's violin magically turned into a fiddle last night. Marco conducted one merry band through the construction of 64 artisan pizzas slid into the blazing wood oven and served to a veritable representation of a reconciled world: a Moroccan shopkeeper and a singer from Mexico City, the vibrant politician who moved smoothly through the smiles, and the one who needed crutches to make his way to the chair, the grandparents and the youngster tugging on his poppa's nose, an Italian belly dancer and a traveling fire spinner, the Nigerian seeking medical aid for her niece and the San Franciscan progressive artists, while Matteo led a second band of skilled musicians in joyous song that swelled until the melody overflowed into the moonlit sky.

And we prayed that this God of great power would hold back the rain that poured down on the fields, the plaza and even the neighbors, and not even a drop fell among sparkling lights.

Praise to the God of great power, jumping for joy, for all of His precious gifts, especially The One through Whom we are reconciled.