Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Round and round up the ancient staircase

4 de junio, 2014

Yo Te alabo, oh Padre, Señor del cielo y de la tierra, Porque escondiste estas cosas de los sabios y entendidos, y las has revelado a los ninos. Lucas 10, 21

So yesterday after mass we scrambled up the bell tower with one of Marco's first grade students. And two things happened.

First, Marco went to the priest and borrowed the key and turned off the bells, because if they started ringing while we were up there, we would probably go crazy or at very least, deaf with the racket. He then opened the door and let the little guy head up the shadowy adventure first. But he was just behind him in the dark in case he slipped.

Second, this little guy received this gift with absolute joy. He is one of those sort of kids that the moment he sets foot in a classroom, the teachers and administrators run for their battery of tests because he is one wild and crazy guy. But Marco says he is just extra brilliant and not created for the mundane.

Of course the little guy noticed everything and chatted endlessly about all the details, and looked to Marco continuously for guidance and shared delight. He got it, the purpose. And as we peeked our head through the last trapdoor, to look at the glorious gold light shimmering over the tiled roofs and cobbled streets in every directions until they reached the dark green cypress framing the edges of the variegated fields, it was clear who had wisdom and who was busy with last minute errands preparing 
for dinner, texting one more time, heads down and hurried, far below in the streets of Lugo.