Thursday, August 28, 2014

...and sometimes its just twinkly lights wrapped around the palm tree

The disciple Jesus loved was reclining next to Jesus. . . . He leaned back on Jesus’ breast. John 13:25

This morning the joy of yesterday has dissipated into thin air, and has been replaced by a deep sorrow that I cannot seem to shake. The rather ordinary words of yesterday stare me in the heart with empty ordinariness, and have formed the brittle plastic shell of platitudes.

Dear Jesus. Be my comfort.


And well, at last I noticed, with a little prodding from Kathie.  Your hands and feet stepped in and comforted me all day long, from a boss’s gracious generosity to a coworker’s stepping in to fill the gap to the heartfelt kindness poured onto my head by so many smiling students, you were present. And Everette popped raspberries onto her finger before biting them off in joy and Shaun fed the found kitten milk and bread and momma brought me iced coffee again and again and a yet another sweet note from my sister and my dear friends showed up once again on my doorstep with food and laughter and wise prayers.

Brennan Manning: If our faith is alive and luminous, we will be alert to moments, events, and occasions when the power of resurrection is brought to bear on our lives. Self-absorbed and inattentive, we fail to notice the subtle ways in which Jesus is snagging our attention.

William Barry: We must school ourselves to pay attention to our experience of life in order to discern the touch of God or what Peter Berger calls the rumor of angels from all the other influences on our experience.

Dear Jesus, thank you for Your comfort. And let me live there in the bosom of your love.