Friday, November 21, 2014

Fragrant oil is mentioned 41 times in Scriptures

The human mind and heart are a mystery; but God will loose an arrow at them, and suddenly they will be wounded. Psalm 64:7

So once again in my early morning…is it randomness…or is the Spirit indeed visiting me here in front of the fireplace with just a few tiny remaining but still crackling coals…the thought of the wounded heart led me to the twenty-third psalm, where my thoughts often go. Because I seem to remember from Sunday School and A Shepherd Looks at the 23rd Psalm that the anointing of oil was for healing. And for getting rid of little annoying bugs that settled in the sheep’s eyes and throat.

And while there were a few commentaries talking about the use of olive oil being poured into aching wounds for healing, and of course the If any of you are sick, have the elders gather around and anoint you with oil and pray for healing admonition, most of the other references were to the anointing that is part of a grand table being prepared, even in the midst of my enemies.

And this is old Charles Spurgeon: Just as a servant does when she unfolds the damask cloth and displays the ornaments of the feast on an ordinary, peaceful occasion. Nothing is hurried, there is no confusion, no disturbance, the enemy is at the door and yet God prepares a table, and the Christian sits down and eats as if everything were in perfect peace. Oh! The peace which Jehovah gives to His people even in the midst of the most trying circumstances!

And somehow in this wounding, there is the oil of gladness.

 He gives me beauty for ashes,
the oil of joy for mourning,
a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness. 
I am a tree of righteousness,
a planting of the LORD;
May Jesus be glorified.

And sometimes, well, pretty much all of the time, my heart and mind are a mystery. But pretty much just chugging along, pulling up my own britches as I march up the steep rocky inclines, settling for poverty-strickeness and scrimping and tightening up my belt one more notch and sleeping on the hard ground of life.

And sometimes He needs to whack me on the side of the head. Stop.

He will loose an arrow. Pause.

Stand back.

I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly.

An overflowing cup at the table set before me. My head anointed with oil.

And maybe it is about those little nasty bugs as well that torment me. Instead of His glorious Spirit pouring down, dribbling truth and life all around.

Beloved, the time has come to pour out a new measure of the Spirit into your life. The time has come to anoint you with oil in a whole new way. All those little things the enemy has sent, those little thoughts about your lack of worth, adequacy and importance to the Kingdom are coming to an end. I am anointing you with a whole new understanding of your identity. You shall not lack.

I anoint you with sweet fragrant oil today. I am pouring it fresh to invigorate your heart and your life. I am softening your heart to My way of thinking and doing instead of you were tromping along on your own. The Balm of Gilead is being poured into your life. Healing and restoration is come. I anoint your head, your mind, and your thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, with liberating oil. Behold I stand at the door and knock. Hear My voice. Come and dine with Me.